Memdic AI Platform

World-leading AI multi-modal behaviour analytics tools. Memdic AI can accurately identify and locate any specific activity performed or behaviour exhibited by an individual or a group of people.

A targeted configuration of Memdic could be used to understand the general population in a specific demographic. For example, any overlap of user behaviours and habits on the purchase patterns of products and brands can be easily and accurately identified using the Memdic platform. This not only enables the design of highly targeted ad campaigns but also identify potential customers.

The search process is user-friendly and intuitive, and it can be operated by generating simple written and natural language prompts , which makes it easy to use for non-professional searchers.


A unique privacy-aware life sensor

Our first generation wearable life sensor is under development

A smart sensor that captures every memory automatically with intelligent features such as

Time based trigger Captures a picture with 30sec/1min intervals
Light based trigger Captures a picture when change in light is detected
Motion based trigger Captures a picture whenever you move
Inbuilt Privacy awareness You decide where to store the pictures, we cannot see or access your pictures ever!
Tap to capture You can always capture an image with just a tap on the device and a double tap for a 30sec/1min short video

and many many more...


Meet our team

Manoj Kesavulu PhD in Software Usage Analytics
Graham Healy PhD in Multimodal BCI
Cathal Gurrin PhD in Search Engines

  1. Corporate HQ in Dublin, Ireland
  2. Framework Lab in Bangalore, India
  3. Vision AI Lab in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Additional team in Ireland with PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Information Retrieval who are world-leading in the domain


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